Dataset and model credits

Image Classification

Dataset: Russakovsky, O.; Deng, J.; Su, H.; Krause, J.; Satheesh, S.; Ma, S.; Huang, Z.; Karpathy, A.; Khosla, A.; Bernstein, M. S.; Berg, A. C. & Fei-Fei, L. (2015), 'ImageNet Large Scale Visual Recognition Challenge', International Journal of Computer Vision (IJCV).

Light-weight model: Howard, A.; Zhu, M.; Chen, B.; Kalenichenko, D.; Wang, W.; Weyand, T.; Andretto, M.; Adam, H. (2017), 'MobileNets: Efficient Convolutional Neural Networks for Mobile Vision Applications', CoRR abs/1704.04861.

Heavy-weight model: He, K.; Zhang, X.; Ren, S. & Sun, J. (2015), 'Deep Residual Learning for Image Recognition', CoRR abs/1512.03385.

Object Identification

Dataset: Lin, T.-Y.; Maire, M.; Belongie, S. J.; Bourdev, L. D.; Girshick, R. B.; Hays, J.; Perona, P.; Ramanan, D.; Dollбr, P. & Zitnick, C. L. (2014), 'Microsoft COCO: Common Objects in Context', CoRR abs/1405.0312.

Light-weight model: Liu, W.; Anguelov, D.; Erhan, D.; Szegedy, C.; Reed, S.; Fu, C.; and Berg, A. (2016), ‘Ssd: Single shot multibox detector’, European Conference on Computer Vision.

Heavy-weight model: He, K.; Gkioxari, G.; Dollбr, P. & Girshick, R. B. (2017), 'Mask R-CNN', CoRR abs/1703.06870.


Dataset: WMT English-German from Bojar, O.; Buck, C.; Federmann, C.; Haddow, B.; Koehn, P.; Monz, C.; Post, M. & Specia, L., ed. (2014), Proceedings of the Ninth Workshop on Statistical Machine Translation, Association for Computational Linguistics, Baltimore, Maryland, USA.

Recurrent model: Wu, Y.; Schuster, M.; Chen, Z.; Le, Q., Norouzi, M.; Macherey, W.; Krikun, M.; Cao, Y.; Gao, Q.; Macherey, K.; et al., (2016), ‘Google’s multilingual neural machine translation system: Enabling zero-shot translation’, CoRR, abs/1611.04558.

Non-recurrent model: Vaswani, A.; Shazeer, N.; Parmar, N.; Uszkoreit, J.; Jones, L.; Gomez, A. N.; Kaiser, L. & Polosukhin, I. (2017), 'Attention Is All You Need', CoRR abs/1706.03762.


Dataset: Harper, F. M. & Konstan, J. A. (2015), 'The MovieLens Datasets: History and Context', ACM Trans. Interact. Intell. Syst. 5(4), 19:1--19:19.

Model: He, X.; Liao, L.; Zhang, H.; Nie, L.; Hu, X. & Chua, T.-S. (2017), 'Neural Collaborative Filtering', CoRR abs/1708.05031.

Reinforcement Learning

Dataset: Games from Iyama Yuta 6 Title Celebration, between contestants Murakawa Daisuke, Sakai Hideyuki, Yamada Kimio, Hyakuta Naoki, Yuki Satoshi, and Iyama Yuta.

Model: Tensorflow/minigo implementation by Andrew Jackson.